How Many Wedding Photos Do You Need

How many wedding photos do you really need? The answer to this question lies within each and every single one of us. This does however mean that there will not be a single standard answer as everyone has different preferences. Some people may not want or need that many photos from their Kent wedding photographer while others will demand more than the professional wedding photographers in Kent, such as Lovepear photography, can provide. It all depends on your personal preference as a couple.

But as things stand today, the standard going number is about 50-100 shots every single hour. So if you have hired your photographer for 8 hours (recommended period depending on the duration of your wedding day), you should expect anywhere from 400 – 800 photographs. Most people get about 600 usable shots of their wedding day.

600 shots may sound like a great deal of photos, but remember Kent wedding photography is about capturing all those little moments that you may not normally see on camera. Of course, there are those big moments such as the first kiss between man and wife, the first dance, group photos with the wedding procession and loved ones and so on. But there are also those little moments that only a professional Kent wedding photographer can capture. That loving glance between husband and wife, that emotional time when the bride is handed over at the alter, those frantic early morning preparation hours, smiles, tears and the joy in everyone’s eye as the couple is finally pronounced man and wife. These are all moments you want immortalized in your wedding photos.

So when someone asks you, how many wedding photos you truly need? The answer may not be a real figure. Because truthfully speaking, you need all those precious moments captured on film. You need as many of those moments immortalized by your professional wedding photographer dartford kent. But since you cannot have an infinite amount of wedding photos (as much as you would like to, time and budget constraints will not allow for it), you can only choose an arbitrary number. The most standard number is about 600 brilliantly shot wedding photos.

Out of these 600 shots, you will have almost, if not everything you need. Do not forget to include those wonderful pre-wedding photos in your package. Of course those will bring the number up from 600. But when it comes to photographs taken on that special wedding day, a logical and realistic number of images to expect will be about 600 photos.